Lucky eye

Minna kertoi, kuinka mies tuli kauppaan, ja osti vaimolleen, joka oli raskaana tämän onnen amuletin; lucky eye. Kuinka kauniisti ajateltu. Tuo tarina, joka on tosi sai aikaan sen, että korut myytiin loppuun päivässä. Taikauskoa vai onnenkaipuuta, tai sekä että. Tai vain liian harmaa sateinen Syyskuinen perjantai.

Minna told me about a man who had walked into the store, and purchased this lucky charm for his pregnant wife. How thoughtful. This true story was spread forward, and these charms were sold out in one day. Either it's superstition or just wishing for some luck to strike, or maybe both. Or maybe this Friday in the middle of September was just too grey and rainy. (Translation: Merja Barry)
Lucky Eye pendant is an R/H classic piece and has the colors of white snow and fresh nordic water. The Lucky Eye was born to bring luck in the process of the first R/H season. It did a good job so it has stayed ever since.
The Lucky Eye brings good luck and protects the one who wears it.
Handmade in Finland. 

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  1. I have one of these! on a blue string! I have worn it so often since buying it in Berlin this summer