Suvi Ainoa

Suvi Ainoa AW collection näyttää kauniilta. Näyttää lupaavalta. Näissä kuvissa on sellainen fiilis, joka saa minut odottamaan. "Something that will not make you laugh, but make you smile!"

Suvi Ainoa is a lifestyle brand for big and little people’s fashion and daily life. It is committed to be both stylish and sustainable.
It will not follow any trend, neither intend to create any. It is just a simple way to live, something little that will bring joy to your life. Something that will not make you laugh, but make you smile:
something useful, minimal and still beautiful.
Suvi is a Finnish girl’s name, which also means "summer". Ainoa is another beautiful Finnish word, which means "the only one". (text:
Suvi Ainoa AW collection is looking wonderful, and the little model too. I like a lot!

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  1. Oh... What a nice surprise on the Saturday night to see this post! My kids are in bed and I finally opened my computer and thought to enjoy myself with a cup of tea and read some beautiful blogs before retire to bed. Thank you so much for for the post. I am thrilled and truly touched. Yanyan @ 'Suvi Ainoa'